About Truly Winning - Truly Winning In Real Estate

About Truly Winning

Entrepreneurs, we honour you! You are the risk takers who invest your time, money, and massive energy into working hard and hoping it will eventually pay off. All with no safety net. Whether you are newly licenced, or an agent with several years experience, real estate is an amazing career, and we would like to add value to your journey.

You are looking up this book for a reason. Perhaps you are:

  • just beginning your real estate career
  • looking for something more and feeling unfulfilled
  • wanting to be more effective and looking for new skills
  • and strategies
  • already achieving at a high level, but feeling like it’s at
  • the expense of your loved ones
  • finding that your career to date does not live up to your expectations
  • interested in more balance and additional perspective
  • to take your career to a new level
  • constantly giving to others but feeling resentment
  • wishing to retire but need a plan to generate passive income
  • seeking more clarity around designing your career

Over the many years we have known each other, we have discussed at great length what we have succeeded at, failed at, stumbled upon, and downright screwed up. In fact, the more stories we have shared with each other, the more motivated we became to write this book. Our intention here is to share what we wish we had known at the beginning and what we would have done differently in our careers.

We have both experienced various markets, worked for different real estate brands, and have interacted with many agents. There were days we wanted to quit and give up, and days when we set the world on fire by selling six homes or recruiting seven new agents in one day. We are both individuals who seek growth and new learning opportunities.

We have never rested on our accomplishments, and we have always strived to be our very best. We have both sold thousands of homes, we own investment properties, and we have been in leadership roles.

We have learned so much, and now, we have chosen to share our knowledge and experience with you in the hopes that you will benefit from our accumulated wisdom, successes and failures, and ultimately, you will have a career you are proud of.

So read on and soak up the wisdom, practical advice, and valuable lessons we share from our combined fifty-plus years in real estate. In this book, we reveal what we believe to be the truth of what it takes to “Truly Win in Real Estate.” We’re also going to share the secrets, shortcuts, and models that can help you make it an amazing career—one you will enjoy for years to come, as we have.

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